What is
Community Solar?

By enrolling in a local solar garden, you can enjoy the benefits of solar without installations or upfront costs and still see savings on your electric bill.

  • No installation or cost to join
  • No added fees
  • Extra $100 Bonus just for signing up

See If You Qualify!

Extra $100 Bonus just for enrolling!

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Your solar garden produces electricity on your behalf - no matter the reason.

The electricity is sent to your local utility. They give you credit for the energy production on your monthly bill.

You receive your electricity as normal - no changes to your property and no extra costs!

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Be Proud of Your Electric Bill

One average American home going solar is like:

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Not burning 8,039 pounds of coal

Growing 122 tree seedlings for 10 years

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Taking 1.5 cars off the road

Join a Community of New Yorkers

Going solar with Solstice