Solstice for Businesses

You want to be green. We make businesses green. Boost your brand, attract and retain talent, and connect with your surrounding area through community solar power.

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Connect to a Local Solar Farm

Businesses and their employees have an opportunity to be leaders in building a sustainable future. Connect your business to a solar farm, reduce your electric costs, support a smaller carbon footprint, and promote your company’s commitment to eco-friendly practices.

Corporate Responsibility

Our partners raise thousands for local nonprofits that are bettering their community. Solstice works with your CSR leadership to identify an organization to donate to on behalf of each employee who signs up. Build your brand and empower your employees to do good.

A Green Employee Benefit

Discounts on gym memberships, public transit, and cell phone plans are hallmarks of employee benefits programs.

Add community solar to your list, and delight your employees with the opportunity to save extra money every month while preserving the environment.

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