Solstice for Property Managers

All the benefits of community solar, multiplied by the amount of properties you enroll. Solstice’s landlord and property management partners are saving thousands each year and attracting attention as stewards of a greener future.

Save On All Your Electric Bills

No one looks forward to paying their electric bills–especially people with multiple properties to account for. Solstice gives you guaranteed savings across your electric bills that add up month by month. If you don’t pay for utilities yourself, refer your tenants for an extra bonus. Homeowners and renters can both join community solar.

Electric Bill Savings

There is power in numbers

Have Outsized Environmental Impact

Property managers are in a powerful position to help the environment. Just one average American home going solar has the same impact on greenhouse gas concentrations as planting over 100 trees and raising them for 10 years.* A property manager can multiply that impact.

An average property going solar is like

Differentiate Yourself

Your properties stand out when they’re connected to community solar. You’ll get our Green Certification, which you can proudly display to current and prospective tenants. You may also be able to pass on savings to your tenants every month. All with no extra downtime or installation.

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