Solstice for
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Solar energy is cheap nowadays – but townwide clean energy programs are still prohibitively expensive for most municipalities. Enter community solar: a cost-free way for towns to go green and reduce electric costs across the board by connecting to a local, pre-financed solar farm. Going solar has never been so simple!

Solar That Works
For Everyone

Most renewable energy projects only benefit a fortunate few. With Solstice, you can eliminate all the traditional barriers to clean power and serve your entire community at once. Sign up your own properties, and give thousands of homeowners and renters the opportunity to participate in solar for the very first time.

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Give Your Residents
a Reason to Smile

It feels good to live your values. Your residents will love a way to go green without paying extra. And lower electric bills for the entire town? That’s money that can go toward more important purchases (and be put back into your town’s businesses), every month.



Bring Community Solar To Your Town

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Raise Money For Your Own Initiatives

Renewable energy gives back in more ways than one.

For every resident or business that enrolls in your local community solar farm, Solstice will donate $100 straight to a fundraiser of your choosing.

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