Solstice Initiative

Solstice Initiative is a nationwide 501c3 nonprofit that empowers BIack, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) and low-to-moderate income communities towards a just and inclusive clean energy transition through accessible and affordable community solar projects, community education, research and innovation, and state-based policy solutions.

Solstice Initiative is powered by generous individuals like you who demand a future for our country that is both green and just.

Your generous support will bring affordable and accessible community solar to low-income and BIPOC families on the frontlines of climate change

Our Streams of Work

Community Education

Energy is confusing; community solar is even more complicated. We lay out the facts and empower communities to get involved in their local energy systems and make informed energy-related decisions that are healthier for their families and for our world.

Research & Innovation

Sometimes a community or household wants clean energy, but they are unable to access it. We find out what the roadblocks are and innovate solutions. Our latest financial tool, The EnergyScore, is a machine-learning-based qualification metric replacing FICO scores.

Learn more about the EnergyScore

Project Development & Enrollment

Whether we are developing a project from scratch, or enrolling customers into an existing one, we center each communities’ unique priorities and aim to maximize the value delivered to every participant.

Learn more about our innovative community-led solar project in Boston

Learn more about our project in partnership with the NYC Housing Authority

Policy & Advocacy

Problems in our energy sector come in all sizes. The bigger ones might require more people to fix them. That’s why we build coalitions with other community groups to advocate for inclusive clean energy policies. We are active in policy discussions across the Northeast.

Collaborators and Partners